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Kansas Epsilon (Emporia State) Phis Rake Famous Phi Historic Site



On Saturday before finals, brothers of the Kansas Epsilon Chapter raked the grounds of the Red Rocks State Historic Site in Emporia, Kansas. This year the members of the Phi Sigma Kappa Colony were invited to help as a service exchange. Red Rocks is the legendary home of Kansas Alpha alumnus, father, and son, William Allen White and William Lindsay White. Board members of the William Allen White Community Partnership, Inc., the local historic site friends group also joined in to help tackle the prodigious leaf accumulation on the quarter block compound.

William Allen White was the editor of the Emporia Gazette, author and the heartland voice of reason in the national discourse from 1896 until his death in January 1944. William Lindsay White was a respected journalist and author in his own right becoming the second editor of the Gazette from 1944 to 1973. In 2001, the White family gave the home and contents to the State of Kansas after 100 years of ownership. In May of 2005, Red Rocks opened to the public as the 16th state historic site and the first to interpret 20th century Kansas history.