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Zach Stafford – Westminster

Student Body President

Road to Greatness


Throughout grade school, Missouri Beta (Westminster) Phi Zach Stafford was constantly told that he was a “solid C student.” In other words, he would never achieve much in life. People thought he would just go through the motions of middle and high school and be lucky to go to a college. For a long time, Zach believed them. It wasn’t until his junior year in high school that Zach began to push the envelope on his academic success with an eye towards going to college. It was also around that time when he applied to Westminster College where he would eventually become a member of Phi Delta Theta.

When Zach came to Westminster, he continued to push further to see how much he could achieve. As a Freshman, Zach began his journey of becoming a leader on campus. Along with becoming a “solid A student,” he pledged himself to the Missouri Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta and also became the president of Toastmasters. As a Sophomore, he was elected Warden/Social Chair within Missouri Beta, President of his Sophomore class within the Student Government Association and Treasurer of the History Club. Zach also created a new club for Geology majors on campus. His passion and drive continued with an eye on one last ultimate leadership goal.

This year, his Junior year, Brother Stafford was asked to campaign for the Student Government Association’s Executive President position. He declined the challenge initially, because he did not see himself as worthy to hold the position. After some thought, however, he felt compelled to place his own hat in the ring. While running for the office, Brother Stafford was amazed by the support and determination from his Missouri Beta brothers.

For the first time in his life, after discovering that he had been elected president over three other candidates, Brother Stafford finally believed that his potential was well beyond what his doubters believed; He knew that he could do whatever he set out to do.

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