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Phi Delta Theta Colonizes Connecticut Gamma at the University of Connecticut



On Sunday, February 21, 2016, sixty-one men at the University of Connecticut stood together as they waited to be pinned and become the Founding Fathers of the Connecticut Gamma Colony of Phi Delta Theta. Province President Greg Spears presided over the ceremony. In attendance were several Phi Delta Theta alumni and advisers. Colony President Josh Salan expressed the colony’s excitement to work with the UConn Campus Community and the rest of the Phi Delt nation to add to an already impressive legacy of Phi Delta Theta in the Northeast.

Province President Greg Spears reminded the colony men of the great ranks they are now joining as men of Phi Delta Theta, and fraternity men in general. He left them with Founding Father Robert Morrison’s philosophy of ‘to do what ought to be done, but would not have been done, unless I did it, I thought to be my duty’ as something to ponder and uphold as colony men.

The Founding Fathers, each with his own story, came together under one vision: The Connecticut Gamma Colony of Phi Delta Theta will work together to foster positivity in the community by developing young men into passionate, inspiring leaders, who create the change no one else will.

Leadership Consultants Dylan Berg and Nick Liberator worked at UConn during the last six weeks to recruit the Founding Fathers and create the foundation of what is sure to become a leading organization at UConn and within Phi Delta Theta. The colony is made up of a very diverse group of men from several countries, over forty student organizations and over a dozen different majors. Despite the differences in each of them, they are all very excited to work together toward and beyond the goal of installation and initiation.

The past six weeks have been both busy and exciting for the Husky Phis, as the Founding Fathers have spent time getting to know each other and creating a special bond within the group. The Connecticut Gamma Colony of Phi Delta Theta is sure to be one to watch closely as their character, determination, and passion for Phi Delta Theta are sure to lead them in the direction of success.