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Phi Delta Theta’s Iron Phi Program Grants $154,000+ To Beneficiary Organizations



February 10, 2016 marked the 6-year anniversary of Phi Delta Theta’s Iron Phi program. In 2010, Phi Delta Theta introduced the program to strengthen the Fraternity and the impact it has on the fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease through the fundraising and athletic efforts of its members. To become an Iron Phi, members of Phi Delta Theta (both undergraduates and alumni) must select and complete an athletic endeavor of their choice and raise $1,000 through the program.

Dollars raised by members of Phi Delta Theta’s members in the United States during their quest to become Iron Phis are shared equally between two charities: The ALS Association and the Phi Delta Theta Foundation. Dollars raised by members in Canada are shared equally between two charities: The ALS Society of Canada and the Canadian Phi Delta Theta Scholarship Foundation.

To date, nearly 2,500 Phis have registered to become Iron Phis, 495 individuals have reached Iron Phis status, and the program is just $10,000 shy of raising its first million dollars.

On February 4, Phi Delta Theta General Council Reporter and ALS Association Board member Chris Brussalis attended The ALS Association’s annual Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia to present a check for $72,828.54 to Barb Newhouse, CEO of The ALS Association. The check represented Iron Phi fundraising efforts during the 2015 calendar year by American participants. The funds granted will be added to previous year amounts in Phi Delta Theta’s research fund at The ALS Association that makes grants to scientists searching for an ALS cure. Currently, Phi Delta Theta is funding a two-year ALS research project at Stanford University and plans to begin the funding of another ALS research project later this year.

The Phi Delta Theta Foundation also granted $4,269.39 to both The ALS Society of Canada and the Phi Delta Theta Canadian Foundation, dollars raised through the program in 2015 by Canadian participants. Finally, the Phi Delta Theta Foundation granted $72,828.54 to the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity to enhance its leadership development programming and the number of Phis who receive it. In total, $154,195.86 was granted from Iron Phi activity in 2015!

On top of dollars raised through Phi Delta Theta’s Iron Phi program, the Fraternity’s undergraduate chapters self-reported raising $291,740 during the 2014-15 academic year to benefit entities that support the fight against ALS.

“We’re constantly amazed by the efforts of our members to support Brother Lou Gehrig and the fight against ALS,” said Phi Delta Theta’s Senior Director of Engagement Steve Good. “The Gehrig connection is a very special part of being a Phi, and we continue to encourage each individual member to do what he can to help us fight this terrible disease.”

The Iron Phi program has set a $200,000 goal for 2016. Register today to begin your Iron Phi journey and join us in the fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease. Looking to enhance your chapter’s relationship with your local chapter of The ALS Association? Download our Partnership Guide.