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Brothers Celebrate Decades With Phi Delta Theta At Pittsburgh Alumni Club Founders Day



Members of the Phi Delta Theta Pittsburgh Area Alumni Club gathered for the 2016 Founders Day Dinner and Legionnaires Ceremony on March 3, 2016 at Rico’s Restaurant. Brothers Robert J. Blachley (Miami ’66), Gary Lewis (Dickinson ’65), and James Ross, Jr. (Washington & Jeferson ’66) celebrated 50 years as members of the Fraternity. Brother Horace “Dick” Cherry celebrated 70 years as a Phi. He was initiated at Indiana Beta in 1946 when the chapter at Wabash College had only one remaining active brother because others were serving in World War II. For more information on the Pittsburgh Area Alumni Club, contact Daniel L. DeMarco at 412-722-1111.

Pictured left to right: Chris W. Brussalis, Reporter of the General Council (Allegheny ’87); Golden Legionnaire Ross; Golden Legionnaire Lewis; Palladian Legionnaire Cherry; Golden Legionnaire Blachley; Jordan Pallitto, Upsilon South Province President (Allegheny ’06); and Daniel L. DeMarco, Pittsburgh Area Alumni Club President (Allegheny ’87).