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Phi Delta Theta Colonizes Ontario Alpha At The University Of Toronto



On April 9, 2016, 39 men stood together as Founding Fathers when the Ontario Alpha Colony was officially recognized at the University of Toronto. In attendance were family, friends, representatives from the U of T Greek community, brothers from neighboring chapters at York and McMaster University, and over 25 alumni, including many from Ontario Alpha. Province President Phil Cantrill presided over the colonization ceremony.

Colony President Nick Simpson expressed his excitement by saying, “Here we are, at a moment of individual decision, the moment when we choose to be part of something greater than ourselves. When we choose to adopt a way of life, a life that decides to live to the highest standards, that acts justly at all times, and a life that constantly and relentlessly pursues the greatest version of itself.”

Director of Canadian Services Graham Erskine worked tirelessly for eight weeks at U of T and was later joined by Leadership Consultant Zach Hilliard to recruit this astounding group of young men. Ontario Alpha is made up of a tremendously diverse brotherhood with men from twelve majors and five countries of origin represented. The men are also involved in over twenty student organizations at the University. Despite the differences among them, they all have a common trait in that they are working toward initiation and installation as the Ontario Alpha Chapter.

It’s appropriate that 2016 marks a fresh start for Ontario Alpha as the chapter celebrated its 110th anniversary this year. The 1,000+ alumni from the chapter and the large contingency of Phis in Toronto are very eager to see what this new group has planned for the future. There is no doubt that the Ontario Alpha Colony at the University of Toronto is a rising star. Their collective knowledge and drive are sure to lead them into a very successful future!