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Three GHQ Staff Members Promoted To New Positions


Phi Delta Theta is proud to announce the promotion of three employees at the General Headquarters. The Associate Director of Chapter Services and Leadership Programming Coordinator positions are new to Phi Delta Theta.


Jim Rosencrans – Associate Director of Chapter Services

As Associate Director of Chapter Services, Jim Rosencrans is tasked with assisting in all retention and growth related strategies of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity outlined in its strategic plan Phi Delt 2020 and supporting all disciplinary and administrative departmental responsibilities. The overriding mission of this role is to provide strategic support to chapters who may be failing in their chapter operations and/or to meet the standards of the Minimum Standards Program; also to increase the overall organization’s average chapter size and become the industry leader.

Jim Rosencrans previously served as a Leadership Consultant for the West Coast and South Central regions of the United States where he provided assistance to more than 50 undergraduate chapters. Some of his major accomplishments came from working with several recruitment coaching chapters and providing consistent assistance with year-round recruitment and coaching strategies. Jim has also helped chapters in his region facilitate goal setting workshops, risk management presentations and several other operational strategies.

Jim is a member of the Pennsylvania Lambda Chapter and a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania where he studied Criminology and Sociology. As an undergraduate, he had the opportunity to become a Founding Father of the Pennsylvania Lambda Chapter of Phi Delta Theta, where he served as a Recruitment Chairman for several semesters.

“I am very excited to continue my career with an organization I care so much about! There is no better feeling than waking up every morning and loving my career. I look forward to joining the Fraternity’s Executive Team to help provide proactive assistance to allow our current chapters to reach their greatest potential.”



Dylan Berg – Leadership Programming Coordinator

As Leadership Programming Coordinator, Dylan Berg is tasked with assisting in all retention and education related strategies of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity outlined in its strategic plan Phi Delt 2020. Brother Berg was previously the Fraternity’s Colony Development Specialist where he focused on resource and program development aimed towards providing our newest leaders with a clear track towards installation and long-lasting successes as future chapters of Phi Delta Theta. Since joining General Headquarters Staff, he also serviced existing chapters and led the expansion at the University of Connecticut.

As an undergraduate leader at the University of North Dakota, he was a Re-Founding Father and Vice-President of North Dakota’s oldest student organization, the North Dakota Alpha Chapter. He received a Bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship. Brother Berg is one of only two students to be recognized as an Outstanding Student Leader for four consecutive years at UND. Outside of the Fraternity, he focused his involvement in campus activities, student government and the student union. He is an avid supporter of instilling creativity and entrepreneurship into all facets of education. He is also currently attending his alma mater to obtain a Masters of Science in Higher Education.

“Working for Phi Delta Theta is the most humbling experience I’ve had in life and I’m ecstatic to be furthering my career with Phi Delta Theta as our Leadership Programming Coordinator. I’m beyond excited to begin creating and enhancing Phi Delta Theta programs that will further solidify our position as a leader within the fraternal world while providing our members with an outstanding life-long experience in Phi Delta Theta.”



Zach Hilliard – Foundation Development Officer

As a Foundation Development Officer, Zach Hilliard is tasked with managing a portfolio of prospective donors and moving them through the gift cycle. This effort is to assist the Phi Delta Theta Foundation in its goal to reach $20 million within its endowment and all other funding related strategies of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity outlined in its strategic plan Phi Delt 2020. Brother Hilliard previously served as an Expansion Consultant, working to recruit founding fathers and start new chapters at seven universities in the U.S. and Canada. He has also worked as the Chapter Services Consultant for the Northeast region of Phi Delta Theta, assisting with existing chapters’ operations. Throughout his tenure as a Leadership Consultant, Zach worked with nearly sixty universities across the Phi Delt nation.

Brother Hilliard is a graduate of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) where he studied Advertising & Promotions. He first became a founding father at Kent State before transferring to IUP and becoming a founding father for a second time. Zach was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is an avid fan of Pittsburgh sports. Outside of Phi Delt, he also enjoys spending time with his family and seeking out the best vacation spots the world has to offer.

“For the better part of a decade, Phi Delta Theta has played an extremely significant role in my life. The Fraternity has given me opportunities that have changed my life for the better, and I am extremely proud to be able to continue my career with the Foundation. I look forward to forging new relationships and to furthering the reach of the Phi Delta Theta Foundation.”