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Enhance Your Chapter’s Recruitment Efforts – Apply To Join The Fraternity’s Recruitment Coaching Program



The Recruitment Coaching Program is a tactic implemented in 2014 as a component of Phi Delt 2020 to assist chapters in recruitment. As indicated in the Fraternity’s strategic plan, a major focus has been to work towards increasing the average chapter size across North America and Canada, create a year-round recruitment culture and a strategy that helps chapters recruit the best Phikeias, and improve chapter retention.

The Recruitment Coaching Program includes on and off-site coaching by regional leadership consultants for an extended period of time, access to special Phired Up resources, and use of ChapterBuilder, a sales management software. Since the start of the program in 2014, chapters that have been a part of the Recruitment Coaching Program have experienced four times the expected growth and a 27% increase in overall chapter membership.

Many chapters have experienced the woes of static recruitment at one time or another, but by participating in the Recruitment Coaching program, chapters will be able to more effectively run a quality-based, year round, dynamic recruitment program that will allow them to capitalize on the market share on their respective campuses. Questions can be directed to Associate Director of Chapter Services Jim Rosencrans.

Apply To Join The Recruitment Coaching Program