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Indiana Theta (Purdue) Renovates Dining Room During Annual Alumni In Action Weekend



As members of a Greek organization, sometimes it is easy to stick to the status quo, or merely focus on the social aspect of fraternity life. Yet as men of Phi Delta Theta, there is much more to our story of being a Phi. Each and every day, we Phis take on various roles in leadership, community involvement, or academia, just to name a few; but one role that distinguishes our great Fraternity from others is the vital and very visible role of our involved alumni. For the Indiana Theta Chapter at Purdue University, their dedicated alumni, who take part in an annual Alumni In Action (AIA) project, stepped up to yet another challenge this fall from the Chapter Advisory Board — “renovate our cafeteria.”

Alumni In Action is a yearly project where alumni young and old team up with the undergraduates to complete a project around the chapter house. With the chapter’s Phi Lodge being beyond the century mark, there is always a project that can make the house more attractive, enjoyable and safe to live in! The first year of AIA, the chapter’s alumni and undergraduates replaced drop ceiling tiles in the cafeteria. Last year, AIA completed their most daring project to date, a complete renovation of the basement bathroom. With the fall 2016 marking the tenth anniversary of AIA, Indiana Theta saw no reason to hold anything back, and took on the largest challenge to date: installing wainscoting in their cafeteria. The slogan of the project was #OneManIsNoMan which could be seen on the t-shirts  worn during the occasion.

On Thursday, September 8, Indiana Theta alumni arrived at 503 W. State to start the project. After nearly 400 man hours, the finishing touches were put on the wainscoting by Saturday afternoon. The project completely changed the look and feel of the room. All of the brothers were extremely proud of their work, and they decided to rename the space as the “dining room” to better describe the new look of the room. One brother even said, “There isn’t one other fraternity here that could do what we just did in three days; we have by far the best alumni!” This is a testament of what it means to be a man of Phi Delta Theta: of our willingness to work together towards a common goal, to be there for your brothers no matter the circumstances, because one man is no man!