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An Open Letter To Eason Mhoon, The 4-Year-Old Son Of A Phi Gone Too Soon



The 62 men you see in this photo stood behind your family today at your Daddy’s funeral. We were there representing hundreds more who weren’t able to be there. We were all there because your Daddy Roger “Blue” Mhoon was a truly amazing friend to all of us and influenced our lives along with so many others.

We all want you to know that while there is nothing we can say to make any of this make sense to you right now, we are committed to standing beside you, behind you, and in front of you if needed – for the rest of your life.

You see Eason, we all took an oath many years ago that we would take care of each other – no matter what. And today, the commitment we made to your awesome Daddy carries over to you.

  • If you need someone to take you fishing, we have rods and boats.
  • If you need someone to throw a baseball with, we have gloves.
  • If you need someone to go to a Razorback game with, we have tickets.
  • If you need someone to call the Hogs with, Blue taught us well.
  • If you need someone to help with homework, we’ll do our very best.
  • If you need someone to hang out with, we have time.
  • If you want to hear stories about your Daddy, we have a TON!

As you see in the photo, we left a spot in the middle for your Daddy, but that spot is also for you. Eason, as of today, you are an honorary Phi Delt as far as we are concerned. If someday you decide to not be in a fraternity or choose a fraternity different than Phi Delta Theta, you will always share a bond with every man you see in this photo (and many more).

Your Daddy taught us so much about life, and now we are happy to share those same lessons with you.

We are here for you everyday, in every way.

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You Eason, and your sweet Mommy.

The Men of Phi Delta Theta – YOUR Brothers in the Bond.