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Phis Gather In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania For A Central Pennsylvania Networking Event


Forty seven Phi Delta Theta brothers representing 12 chapters gathered on Saturday, February 25 at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The event was the inaugural Phi Delta Theta Central Pennsylvania Networking Event. Gamma West Province President Russ Fryar, the evening’s host, championed, “It was a great success, and the event is just the beginning of improved communication and development in the province. Our shared hopes are that the event will allow for new connections to form that could lead to career and employment opportunities, offer the chance for alumni to re-engage with their initiated chapter, and spark connections between local alumni and the active brothers in the area.”

Newly initiated Pennsylvania Beta (Gettysburg) Phi and Faculty Advisor for the past 10 years Brendan Cushing-Daniels spoke to the group about professional development and networking best practices. He encouraged the undergraduate brothers to work with the career center on their respective campuses, focus on the good that each person brings to the table, and, most importantly, to not focus on networking within the brotherhood as merely transactional. Brendan drove home the point that Phi Delta Theta is a values-based organization and brothers have the duty to aid fellow brothers in need.

Brother Chris Brussalis, Treasurer of the General Council, was the keynote speaker for the evening. He covered the topics of networking fundamentals and updated the Gamma West Province on Phi Delt 2020 strategic planning initiatives. Chris mentioned that the people who succeed in life, and those who become great leaders, have similar traits. One of those traits is that they show up and position themselves where they can be of value to the organizations to which they belong. He drove home the value of the work that all of the active chapters, GHQ staff and volunteers are putting in day in and day out. Brother Brussalis also noted that Phi Delta Theta has become the benchmark for success in Greek life today, and the talent within the organization is better than it ever has been.