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Phi Delta Theta Announces Winner Of Song Competition


Phi Delta Theta Fraternity takes great pride in the many songs that have been composed and performed over the years. To many Phis, joining brothers in song is a fond memory and a tradition that symbolizes brotherhood.

Earlier this year the Fraternity launched a competition to produce Phi Delta Theta’s newest song. Brother Tom Nolan, Illinois ’59 graciously offered a $1,000 cash reward to the winning entry.

The winning selection, titled “Thy Likeness Brother,” was submitted by Isaac J. Coronel, Westminster ’18 and revised by Matt Poon, Toronto ’09

Program Note:

The lyrics came from the epitaph of Morrison’s gravestone: “Thy Likeness Brother”.

The melody was inspired by much of the music of John Tavener, specifically The Lamb. There are three voices to represent the three cardinal principles. The music is in major to represent the happiness of Brotherhood.



Thy Likeness Brother Lyrics:

As for me,
I will behold
thy face in righteousness;
I shall be satisfied,
when I awake with Thy Likeness.  —  (from Psalm 17:15)
Hail Sword and Shield!
Hold your Brothers
so that they will not fall,
and they’ll aid you as well
For One man is No Man.

Not sole friends.
This is what I
like to call Brotherhood.
It shall last all our lives,
and bear a true Bond
among Brothers.

Though we may
depart one day,
we remain in heart.
So I’ll hold the memories, dear.
Phi Delt may I not forget!

If all alone
All your family
departed from this world,
quiet thoughts are your friends,
know that I’ll be there.
Phi Delta Theta, I’ll be there.


Thank You Note from the Composer (Isaac J. Coronel)

I would like to thank Thomas L. Nolan, Jr. EdD, Illinois ’59, and the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity for the opportunity to create this work and selecting me as the winner. I would also like to thank Matt Poon, Toronto ’09, for his creative support and knowledge of music, which will aid me in my future projects. Finally, I want to thank Missouri Beta for giving me the inspiration to create this work. Proud to be a Phi!

Sheet Music: (Download by clicking image below)