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Canadian Foundation – Summer 2017 Update

As we approach mid-year 2017 the Canadian Foundation is pleased to provide you with an update on the Fraternity in Canada:

Snapshot of Phi Delta Theta in Canada:

  • We currently have 7 active chapters from coast-to-coast plus colonies at both the University of Toronto and Carleton University (Ottawa).
  • There are over 350 undergraduate members across Canada (an increase of over 100% from just a few years ago) and prospects for further growth are strong for the year ahead.
  • The full-time Director of Canadian Services (DCS) program is in its 5th year and we are seeing tremendous results. The DCS (currently Liam McNally, McMaster ‘16) focuses 100% of his efforts on visiting chapters, expansion, and leadership development. The Canadian Foundation partially funds the DCS program.
Canadian Foundation Update:
  • We are a CRA-registered charity mandated to promote scholarship and leadership among the Fraternity’s members in Canada. Primary revenues are from Canadian alumni; donations are 100% tax-deductible.
  • Since 1974 the Foundation has awarded $266,000 to 236 undergraduates; in 2016 we disbursed a record $15,000 to 12 Canadian undergraduates (including 4 first-ever Leadership Awards).
  • The Foundation also provided funding for every chapter to attend the summer Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute in Oxford, OH, and we want to increase leadership-based funding to chapters this year.
  • In 2016 the Foundation increased its alumni donations by 18% and more donors than ever supported our efforts.
The Years Ahead:
  • The Canadian Foundation had an extraordinary year in 2016, and we want to build on this momentum in 2017 by funding additional scholarships, increasing financial support for leadership-based programming, and continuing to support the Director of Canadian Services (who is spearheading our Canadian expansion with our colonies as well as growing our existing chapters).
  • In the coming years we want to substantially increase the number of alumni donors so we can continue to support scholarship and leadership initiatives in our chapters.
  • We want to see annual revenues exceed $100,000/year raised from alumni in every chapter.
To those who contributed in 2016 – thank you! We look forward to doing much more in the future and we ask for your help by making a tax-deductible contribution by visiting the website. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me; I’d love to hear from you. More information on the Foundation can be found at www.PhiDeltaTheta.ca

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Yours in the Bond,
Rob McInnes
Chairman – Phi Delta Theta Canadian Foundation