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Gary Eoff – California State, Northridge


Road to Greatness

Gary Eoff, a California Zeta Phi, now resides in Kona, Hawaii. Originally starting as a Pre-Med student, Eoff quickly realized his passion, switching his major to Art History. “I’m an artist, I’ve always been an artist, said Eoff.”

Brother Eoff translates his art through various medias, but finds his passion creating art reflecting rich Hawaiian culture. His fine pieces are illuminated through his use of natural materials and care of the environment. However, he feels he makes his biggest impact via constructing museum-quality ethnographic reproductions. These are essentially, “Artifacts where in a museum the public is not allowed to touch, but replicated to where people can experience them. It’s rare for people to be able to touch (these items), and be able to hold it, look at it, and even see what it took to make it, so that’s very forceful,” Eoff described his work.

Currently, Gary is crafting deep-sea fishing lures and other Hawaiian traditional utilitarian items. In addition, he teaches and does exhibits that educate the community on cultural aspects. His biggest piece of advice for undergraduates is to, “Follow your heart, follow your inclinations.”

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