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Phi Delta Theta Announces Staff Reorganization To Improve Alignment With Phi Delt 2020 Strategic Plan


Phi Delta Theta General Headquarters is pleased to announce a staff reorganization (beginning July 1) that recasts staffing to better align with the Fraternity’s strategic plan, Phi Delt 2020, and provides current staff leadership with development opportunities.

Steve Good has been promoted into the role of Vice President of Growth and Communications. He is tasked with overseeing the growth and communications strategies outlined in Phi Delt 2020 as well as the Iron Phi program. The paramount responsibility of this position is to promote and market the value of membership to current and potential members while engaging other stakeholders through traditional communication channels, in addition to new and innovative technologies. All members of the expansion and communication teams will report to the VP of Growth and Communications.

Joining Brother Good on the Growth team is Jim Rosencrans as Growth Coordinator. The overriding mission of this role is to provide strategic recruitment support and volunteer development to chapters that may be failing in their chapter operations and/or meeting the standards of the Minimum Standards Program. Brother Rosencrans’ tasks will center around growth in the organization’s average chapter size and volunteer roster.

In an effort to focus on comprehensive chapter support and retention, Dylan Berg will add value to the Chapter Services Team as Chapter Services Coordinator. He will assist in the retention, support, and educational initiatives for chapters as well as support all disciplinary and administrative responsibilities. Specifically, he will provide strategic coaching, both in-person and remotely, to chapters that are under probationary statuses, failing in chapter operations, and/or failing to meet the standards of the Minimum Standards Program. Further, Berg will serve as a collaborative connection between all support and educational initiatives.

In a related move, in addition to his current responsibilities, Director of Chapter Services Michael Wahba will assist the Fraternity’s Leadership Team in project management efforts. Additionally, an Educational and Events team has been created to be led by Director of Education Clay Coleman, and a Housing and Insurance Team to be led by Andrew LaPorte.

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“We’re excited to further grow and empower the members of our Fraternity Executive Team as we work to complete the final phases of our strategic plan and look towards the future. Every day they work alongside our talented and committed team at GHQ to ensure Phi Delta Theta’s place as the premiere fraternal leadership organization,” said Sean Wagner, Chief Operating Officer.