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Phi Delta Theta Response to Filed Charges at LSU


We fully support local law enforcement in their decision to move forward and file charges against all of those alleged to be involved with the passing of Maxwell Gruver. As we have said from the outset of this tragedy, we want the authorities to prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

Actions such as those described in the charges filed today are completely inconsistent with the values of Phi Delta Theta and in full violation of our established and communicated risk management policies.

After completing our initial investigation into the events around September 13 and reviewing the charges brought today by local police, Phi Delta Theta has formally removed the membership of those charged in this incident. This action effectively severs ties with those alleged to be involved.

We continue to keep the entire Gruver family in our thoughts and prayers. No parent or family should have to go through the pain and suffering that they are currently experiencing.

We are committed to continuing to work with LSU, the Baton Rouge police department and the East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s office to fully understand the events that led up to Max’s passing so we can help prevent another tragedy such as this from ever happening again.

4 thoughts on “Phi Delta Theta Response to Filed Charges at LSU

  1. As a brother who went alumni recently from my chapter in Utah Alpha, this is very tragic to hear that this is still an issue. From my persepctive of my four years in Phi Delta Theta, I began to realize that a lot of these issues can be prevented by two major things, Recruitment chair and phikiea educator. i’m always about chapters improving, but I personally think the problem is how big is the size of a pledge class and how the phikiea educator does his job correctly or in some cases like this, does not do his job duties. I strongly believe that if chapter gets bigger and bigger the liability slowly gets out of control up to the point of being impossible to govern which leads any chapter to be shut down. Personally, I believe that any local chapter of our great organization including my own chapter should focus on changing the culture into a positive light. Instead of recruiting people who are the cream of the crop who are great in looks, sports, academics or who are wealthy, we should recruit by our values that we were taught, from Morrison’s philosophy to our three cardinal principals. It’s about becoming the greatest version of yourself, it’s about improving yourself and having a great brotherhood to help you grow along the way. Phikiea Educators should also take into consideration that their job does matter and if not done correctly it will have serious consequences, whether it is not disicpling phikiea by dropping them for doing bad things that don’t fit our values or not discipline the pledge class and telling them that acting in a rude manner can lead to the downfall of a fraternity if those few bad apples get initiated. Now i’m not saying anything bad about our organization, but what I am saying is that we should practice what we preach and recruit and educate new members of our values. It’s not all about connections, parties or even the title of being in a fraternity, it’s about cultivating the immortal six’s teachings to become the greatest version of yourself, to become a great member who contributes to society for his fellow man. A wise alumni from the 1980’s once told me “It takes one asshole to ruin everything and it takes 100 people to fix that one person’s mistake”. I believe in the greater good for our fraternity and for any greek organization, but if any fraternity or sorority want’s to be alive for the next 50 years, then the culture should be changed by not enforcing that negative stereotype of greek life by recurring bad apples who emphasize on parties and bad behavior, we don’t need to give any news media more ammunition, what we should do is focus on the good instead of the bad. That is all that I have to say.

    Proud to be a Phi, Utah Alpha


  2. As Men of Character, we must support the action of Phi Delta Theta. I whole-heartedly support the actions of my fraternity and those of the law enforcement community. I pray for the family as I can’t image the loss they are suffering.

  3. Maybe it’s time to reinstate housemothers or some other form of adult supervision in our chapter houses. While our young gentlemen are legally adults, emotionally and behaviorally they seem to have a ways to go. They would benefit from a mature presence in the chapter house.

    I agree with Brother Biggs previous statement that alcohol abuse is at the root of most of the problems on college campuses today. While there was considerable alcohol consumption when I was an undergraduate in the early ’70s, observation leads me to believe that it has gotten considerably worse.

    Our Alcohol-free Housing Policy was a step in the right direction, but I fear more may be necessary.Failure to substantively address the culture of excessive drinking and hazing is likely to result in the end of the Greek system, which has been extremely beneficial to the vast majority of us.

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