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Missouri Alpha (Missouri) Initiates 31 New Members


The Missouri Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Theta initiated 31 Phikeias on Tuesday, January 16. As the Alpha class of the newly-rechartered Missouri Alpha, the group of young men hope to transmit the Fraternity better than they found it.

Phikeia Educator Chase Mueller reflected on the four-month journey.

“It’s been a process –– that’s for sure –– but it’s been so worth it. These guys were an absolute pleasure to work alongside in the educational adventure they’ve gotten to experience,” Mueller said.

Only a semester into their freshman year, all of the Phikeias are already involved in multiple clubs and organizations on campus and in the community, with some of them serving in organizations such as Mizzou Alternative Breaks, Mizzou Alumni Association Student Board and ROTC.

Now that they’re now part of the brotherhood, the 31 new brothers are going to be playing a crucial role in the Fraternity.

“These guys are already working on transmitting the Fraternity better than they received it,” Phikeia educator Chase Mueller said. “They’re beginning to join committees and help with the recruitment process which means they get to share their story and talk about what being a Phi Delt means to them.”

For Alpha class president Chandler Benkendorf, Phi Delt means a lot to him and his fellow brothers. Some of his favorite memories are the pledge dad reveal and initiation night.

“I have said all year that you could not ask for a better group of Phikeias,” Benkendorf said. “There is no question that we’ve grown together throughout the Phikeia education period.”

Going forward, Benkendorf and his fellow Phikeia class brothers hope to continue strengthening their brotherhood, contributing to Missouri Alpha’s community service and philanthropic efforts, and ensuring the success of the chapter.