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Phi Delta Theta Colonizes New Jersey Delta At Stockton University


On the eve of March 30, 2018, thirty young men began to arrange themselves in alphabetical order, counting down the minutes to the start of a life changing journey. The origins of the New Jersey Delta Colony are unlike those of  many colonies in the past. At the tail end of the Fall 2017 semester, over a dozen of Stockton University’s emerging leaders gathered in a room, collaborating with one another to determine the organization that would best represent who they are and what they wanted out of their college experience.

From that day in December until their colonization date, the group has been very self-sufficient – Hosting elections for several officer positions, constructing their bylaws, implementing study hours, all while strengthening their brotherhood by sharing this opportunity with their classmates and peers. When their leadership consultant arrived to work with them, they were in fantastic shape. “Although I did not recruit them personally, I say with the utmost confidence that these are the individuals I would have sought out,” exclaimed Senior Leadership Consultant Nick Liberator at the colonization ceremony.

Also in attendance at the colonization ceremony was Province President Fred Reimer who presided over the ceremony, Assistant Director of Student Development Joe Thompson who has been an advocate and supporting factor to the group since their initial start, an undergraduate representative from New Jersey Gamma at Seton Hall University, family and loved ones, as well as several Stockton University sorority women and fraternity men.

The New Jersey Delta colony is a wonderful example of a group of young men who have come together to start something special on their campus. One can expect great things from the men of New Jersey Delta.

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  1. hello and congratulations
    i am a retired thoracic surgeon in ocean city
    bond #8 florida zeta jacksonville university

    would it be possible to attend the colonization and other events?

    thank you

    fred weber

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