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Phi Delta Theta Installs District of Columbia Alpha at George Washington University


On December 11, 2016, the members of the District of Columbia Alpha Colony at The George Washington University began the journey towards becoming an official Phi Delta Theta chapter. The colony faced many challenges leading up to becoming an official chapter, but perseverance, hard work, dedication, and a commitment from their members led to the first Phi Delta Theta charter being granted in the District of Columbia on April 21, 2018.

Installation weekend started with a meeting with Phi Delta Theta’s Director of Expansion Alex Atkinson and Colony Development Specialist Tyler Wilson to discuss the weekend’s events and expectations. The General Headquarters team brought the colony members together for what was one of the final nights that they would share as a colony.

On April 20, initiation night, the colony members gathered at the Fraternity Lodge No. 54 in Foggy Bottom to celebrate their transition to full brotherhood within Phi Delta Theta. In attendance were alumni from other chapters, Fraternity volunteers, and staff members.

The installation ceremony on Saturday, April 21 was held in the City View room on The George Washington University campus, just off the national mall. General Council Treasurer Chris Brussalis presented District of Columbia Alpha with its charter in the presence of family, friends, and guests. Guests of honor included IFC Advisor Ethan Stubbs, Phi Delta Theta Survey Commissioner and Pennsylvania Mu (Widener) alumnus David Almacy, Province President and Pennsylvania Iota (Pittsburg) alumnus Scott Lynch, Chapter Advisory Board Chairman and Georgia Gamma (Mercer) alumnus Austin Deray, as well as other CAB members, parents, friends, and guests.

The weekend’s activities were a display of the hard work that each brother has contributed to the foundation of District of Columbia Alpha. This was further exemplified by the goal setting retreat on Sunday, April 22, where the chapter resolved to grow in size, refine their structure, and continue to become the best version of themselves.

The colony wishes to thank all those who contributed to their success and earnestly hopes that they will continue to live up to, and exceed, the expectations that others have for them, as well as their own.