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Phi Delta Theta Returns To Denison University With Colonization Of Ohio Iota


On Monday, April 30, twenty nine men were welcomed into the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity as the group was officially recolonized as the Ohio Iota Colony at Denison University. The group gathered at Herrick Hall for the official colonization ceremony led by Province President Tom Balzer, North Dakota ‘99. In attendance were local alumni Jon Wells, Denison ‘73, J. Douglas Stewart, Denison ‘75, and Aimee Maczko who oversees the fraternities and sororities at Denison. Phi Delta Theta may have been off campus for a few years, but after the hard work by these men, they are officially recognized as a fraternal organization at Denison University.

The colonization ceremony brings great joy to the General Headquarters staff, especially four individuals who helped these men along the way. Director of Expansion Alex Atkinson, Missouri Western ’16, Growth Coordinator Jim Rosencrans, IUP ’14, Colony Development Specialist Tyler Wilson, Georgia Southern ’16, and Senior Leadership Consultant BJ Henderson, Wisconsin ’16 worked to recruit, foster collaboration, and prepare them for a successful future. They believe the leaders of Ohio Iota will enable them to become a strong Greek organization on campus.

During the spring semester, the Expansion team searched for individuals who embodied Phi Delta Theta’s values. They were able to find a diverse group of men who are high caliber leaders at Denison University. While their majors and interests may differ, they have all come together to re-establish Phi Delta Theta at Denison.

There were several individuals who provided great assistance during the development of the colony. A special thank is in order for the alumni who have supported this group including the CAB Chairman Chuck Gorman, Denison ’73, CAB Financial Advisor Keegan Parsons, Otterbein ’16, CAB Risk Management Advisor Jacob Watkins, Otterbein ’17, CAB Alumni Relations Advisor John Manchester, Denison ’74, and the several Denison University faculty and staff who helped the group along the way.

The Ohio Iota Colony will remember April 30, 2018 as a date when they began to build their legacy with Phi Delta Theta. Ohio Iota was originally founded in 1915, and over a hundred years later, Ohio Iota once again has a presence on campus.