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Phi Delta Theta Statement – Jacob Anderson Sexual Assault Case


Immediately following the incident two years ago, Phi Delta Theta expelled Jacob Walter Anderson from membership in the Texas Lambda Chapter at Baylor University. Phi Delta Theta believes any individual found involved in abuse towards a woman should be prosecuted and held accountable for their actions.

Such acts unequivocally contradict everything our organization stands for and directly violates our policies. These allegations not only led to the removal of Anderson’s membership, but also a full investigation into the chapter’s operations. This investigation resulted in the subsequent suspension of the chapter’s charter due to violations of our risk management policy.

Phi Delta Theta is a proud provider of Taking a Stand: Preventing Sexual Misconduct on Campus, a program designed and provided by the Fraternal Health and Safety Initiative. The implementation of Taking a Stand has allowed Phi Delta Theta chapters to be valuable assets to the campuses and communities where they exist and empower them to fight the battle against sexual assault.

Additionally, new programs continue to be developed that further promote the health and safety of our members and guests. This includes the recent creations of a Good Samaritan policy, mandatory individual and chapter bystander education, enhanced parent involvement and communication, and required new member program development. Descriptions of all Phi Delta Theta Health and Safety initiatives can be found here.

Founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio on December 26, 1848, Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity has 190 chapters and colonies and 98 alumni clubs across the United States and Canada. To date the Fraternity has initiated more than 265,000 men into the society whose founding principles are friendship, sound learning and rectitude. In 2000, Phi Delta Theta became the largest fraternity to implement an alcohol-free housing policy in all facilities.

6 thoughts on “Phi Delta Theta Statement – Jacob Anderson Sexual Assault Case

  1. I really wish you would push for a proper sentencing. He deserves jail time and the fact that he didn’t make your entire fraternity look bad.

  2. While I appreciate the actions that GHQ has taken against the individual in this matter and the Baylor Chapter, the Fraternity needs to take a much stronger and vocal stance against this deplorable incident. Taking a bold step in criticizing and condemning the court’s leniency in this matter would set a good example for our Fraternity and the Greek system in general. Be bold, be proactive, be vocal. I believe our Founders would expect no less. In times like these, the days of “Boys will be boys” arelong gone and thankfully so. I realize nothing can be done to change the court ruling, but the Fraternity can change the conversation around these incidents and call out the court for the injustice rendered in this case. Finally, let’s not forget the victim in this case. I do hope that GHQ reached out to her privately. Don’t sweep this under the rug. Do the right thing. Protect the integrity of our Fraternity vocally and proactively for all to hear. Nothing to hide. Do your job. Yours in the Bond, Guy Mayer Louisiana Delta 1984,Bond No. 061

  3. Finally a comment from GHQ. I am a brother in the Bond (Kettering, 1970). When I learned of Anderson’s extremely light sentence I was about ready to have my membership dissolved. I also why it took several days for any statement to appear. One would think that the GHQ would have had time to prepare a statement prior to the sentencing.

    After reading the replies from Brothers Darby and Mayer below, I can only add that I am in total agreement with them.

    Yours in the Bond,

    William Christen

  4. Where is the leadership today after that atrocious sentencing? You suspended the chapter. Big deal. You have no alcohol policies. Do you really think your chapters care unless they are nailed by law enforcement? Have each and every chapter invite the sisters of the current members to a,meeting, and ask the sisters to read the victim impact statement. Make them face what rape means. Send out national leadership on surprise visits during rush week. A problem frat in our area denied the behavior we, as neighbors, were reporting. Then they showed up to rush and found a house full of drunk minors, no security, and rules that did not matter. If your frat wants to appear to mean what they say then show up. Loudly. Make it clear to your 19 year old members that you will help with prosecution of members breaking laws.

  5. As a member of this fraternity since 1992 and a delegate to the General Convention, from my experience and reading about so many instances like this throughout the years, the leadership does not care nor do enough about the safety and well being of it’s members and guests. These types of instances such as hazing and rape should never happen and it’s obvious to me that the so called risk management policies such as the “Good Samaritan” policy is just legal maneuvering against potential judgements resulting from the emotional, psychological, and physical abuse to it’s members and guests. They want to assure you that your son and his guests will be safe but I believe they just want your money so these people in Ohio will keep their jobs as they continue to play this game under the guise of “friendship, learning and moral rectitude.” I deeply regret joining this fraternity and the scars are still evident today, 26 years later, and so here is just another testimony of what this fraternity is truly about.

  6. Expelled?? Lou Gehrig would be turning over in his grave. Unbecoming of a brother and I’m ashamed to be a member. His name should be displayed in every house as a reminder of what brothers should NEVER do.

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