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Phi Delta Theta Updates Chapter Greatness Checklist


General Headquarters has simplified the Chapter Greatness Checklist to consist of six reports for the chapter to complete during the year, starting Fall 2019. Each report contains a number of items.

The Guide to Completing the Chapter Greatness Checklist explains how the chapter president can best prepare for each report. Below are several things to help you learn more about this change.

What does my chapter need to know about these changes?

General Headquarters has eliminated GHQ points and simplified what a chapter needs to do from a reporting standpoint to win the Excellence in GHQ Reporting Award at the end of the year. Beginning immediately this fall, a chapter that completes the following items on time will receive the Excellence in GHQ Reporting Award:

  1. All six Chapter Greatness Checklist reports on-time
  2. Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute, Presidents Leadership Conference, and General Convention registrations received on-time
  3. Insurance bill paid by October 1
  4. $0 GHQ balance by April 30
  5. Up-to-date membership roster throughout year with final update by April 30, 2019
  6. Risk management affidavits submitted on-time by October 1 and January 25
  7. A minimum of six event planning forms submitted throughout the school year

Chapter officers and volunteers can still view the above items in the Promptness tab in MyPhiDeltaTheta. The tab has been updated to include the above seven items.

Who completes what?

The Guide to Completing the Chapter Greatness Checklist outlines how each item within the reports is completed. The reports should be reviewed with the executive committee at least once per month to help the chapter stay ahead of reporting.

I’m not sure how to complete something in the report, who can I contact?

We encourage you to start by looking in the Guide to Completing the Chapter Greatness Checklist. If you don’t get your answer there, connect with your Leadership Consultant.

Does this change how I update our chapter’s roster in any way?

It does not! The changes to the Chapter Greatness Checklist will help your chapter have a more accurate roster throughout the year. Each report will ask you if any changes have happened to the roster and if you’ve made the changes within MyPhiDeltaTheta. It’ll act as a personal reminder!

Each report looks to have quite a few items. How long will this take the chapter to complete?

Each report link should only take ~10 minutes to complete. This is a significant improvement from previous reports. However, the questions in the report may remind you to go complete an officer update, add new Phikeias or initiates, etc. The actual report is designed to help both you and General Headquarters know where you stand from a reporting standpoint.

What about these things like Province President Support or Most Engaged Juniors?

Several reports will ask questions about how certain volunteers or staff members can best support your chapter. We will directly follow up on those responses with the chapter and respective volunteer(s). Items such as the Most Engaged Junior are put into the report to help you showcase your highest performing and most engaged members. These individuals may also receive notice about special opportunities throughout the year.