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Phi Delta Theta Returns to the University of Toronto with Colonization of Ontario Alpha


Phi Delta Theta is excited and proud to announce its return to the University of Toronto after the successful colonization of Ontario Alpha. On Sunday, November 17, twenty two Founding Fathers were inducted into Phi Delta Theta as colony members, thus officially marking Phi Delta Theta’s return to the largest university in Canada. The ceremony, which occurred in the newly renovated chapter house, saw over forty alumni return to the historic halls of 165 St George Street to welcome Canada’s tenth Phi Delta Theta group, and the Fraternity’s newest colony.

Colony President Shahbaz Khan spoke to the colony members in his inaugural speech:

“We all come from different places and different backgrounds. But there’s one thing that we have in common, that I know for sure. And that thing is that we believe in the bond of brotherhood. And when we feel great a amount of joy, or great amount of pain, we’re supposed to turn to our brothers. That’s why we’re all in this room tonight.”

Phi Delta Theta Growth and Support Specialist Andrew Norrie arrived on campus in late August and has spent the last 12 weeks recruiting and coaching the group up to the point of colonization. Andrew will remain on site for the remainder of the academic year in a supportive role as the group continues to grow and establish, and in a coaching capacity as the group begins to undertake the tasks required to install as a full chapter.

At the ceremony, Andrew spoke to the colony and alumni:

“Bond #1 of the Alpha Chapter at Miami, Robert Morrison, has a philosophy that reads, ‘To do what ought to be done, but would not have been done unless I did it, I thought to be my duty.’ Here at the University of Toronto, there is much that’s ought to be done, and I have faith that all the men in this room will play a role in doing what’s ought to be done.”

Colony Vice President James Wright, a legacy of Ontario Alpha, spoke to the quality of his colony brothers:

“Ontario Alpha has, in the few short months of their reintroduction to the University of Toronto’s campus, demonstrated time and time again, the Cardinal Principles of this Fraternity. These men are very capable and leave no doubt in my mind that they will continue to cultivate and spread what the Fraternity holds dear to everyone they meet. They will, in good time, change the meaning of fraternity at the University of Toronto.”

Prior to the ceremony, the group collaborated to create a vision statement that reads:

Ontario Alpha will be a global home that redefines fraternal excellence.

This statement precisely summarizes the group’s incredible diversity and lofty vision for what they wish Phi Delta Theta to become at the University of Toronto and in their community.

Congratulations to the men of the Ontario Alpha Colony!


2 thoughts on “Phi Delta Theta Returns to the University of Toronto with Colonization of Ontario Alpha

  1. It is GREAT to hear this news and see the dedication to
    Phi Delta Theta as a whole. Brotherhood is for life and eternity.

    My Chapter, TN Delta, just recently celebrated our 50th Anniversary and I had such a good time seeing brothers I have not seen in person in decades.
    The event took me back to what seemed like yesterday.

    I’ve been a brother for 35 years. I got my silver pin of 25 years and pray I make it 15 more years to get a 50 year pin.

    God bless Phi Delta Theta, our brotherhood, all brothers living and who have passed and also bless all those we love and hold dear to our hearts.

    It’s really true that your COLLEGE FRIENDS will be your lifetime friends. Distance is no boundary for the brothers of Phi Delta Theta.

    Yours in the Bond,

    Dan Rader

    TN Delta # 285

  2. Proud to be a Phi and to see my son carrying on the tradition by being a member of the Colony at UofT!

    Howard Wright ONA #770

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