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Phi Delta Theta Returns to Arizona State University with Colonization of Arizona Beta


After nearly 20 years with no presence on campus, Phi Delta Theta returned to Arizona State University when the Arizona Beta Colony was inducted on Friday, December 6, 2019. Expansion Consultants Max Hull and Brett Klein spent seven weeks in Tempe recruiting and promoting the opportunity to become a Re-Founding Father of Phi Delta Theta. Their hard work resulted in 64 men joining the Arizona Beta Founding Father class, a group of men that has the vision and energy to make a lasting and positive impact at Arizona State. Phi Delta Theta began the conversation about rebuilding the historic chapter a few years ago and made it come to life in a big way. Through patience, continued communication, and the identification of the right moment, Phi Delta Theta has returned to Arizona State University.

“With an abundance of stellar students in the classroom, we knew we were going to have a academically sound group at ASU,” said Max Hull. “We are energized by the charisma and hustle that the group already presents, as that has been on display since the return efforts began. Ultimately, we should be proud of our colony members’ aptitude for growth and their ability to connect with such a strong alumni base here in the Valley of the Sun.”

The Arizona Beta Colony proudly shares its vision statement – Members of Phi Delta Theta at Arizona State University will become men of character by practicing Friendship, Sound Learning, and Rectitude.

Brett Klein expressed that this vision statement is woven into the transformation of the group. “It’s been incredible to see such a large group of individuals come together and bond so quickly. They bought in to the idea of being change agents and started creating that positive culture from the start by welcoming in new members daily and ushering them into the fold.”

Supporting Arizona Beta is a Colony Advisory Board that includes 14 individuals from 12 different chapters of Phi Delta Theta. With an amazing support structure and prominent leaders engaged throughout campus, Phi Delta Theta could not be more proud of the diverse group of students and volunteers assembled at Arizona State.


2 thoughts on “Phi Delta Theta Returns to Arizona State University with Colonization of Arizona Beta

  1. As the former Provence President for AZ Beta I could not be more pleased to see the Chapter return to ASU. All the best, I know you will be to will. Hope to meet some of you soon.
    Yours in the Bond
    Alan Glover
    NV Alpha ’72

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