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Phi Delta Theta Returns to Miami University with Colonization of Ohio Alpha


The Ohio Alpha Colony was formally inducted on December 6, 2019 at Miami University. Expansion Consultants Greg Rush and Austin Dean recruited 21 Founders over the course of eight weeks whose values aligned with Phi Delta Theta’s and are committed to redefining what it means to be a fraternity man at Miami University. Driven by the desire to set a new example, be positive role models in their community, and to bring a new resolve and determination back to an organization with such great history at Miami University was quickly embraced by the Founders.

Within the first few weeks, a solid foundation was formed for Ohio Alpha with the initial founding members and the creation of a powerful vision statement. The group’s vision began to attract more like minded individuals interested in an impactful Greek experience and an opportunity for personal growth and development. Unprompted, the group began planning brotherhood events, service opportunities, and ideas on how to become deeply involved with the Greek community. During the Founders retreat, the group built a much stronger bond with each other and began laying the foundation for the future of Ohio Alpha.

“The members in this group exemplify every characteristic of Phi Delta Theta with poise and resilience. They are very well-rounded, and it’s exciting to see how much passion and excitement they have to rebuilt Phi Delta Theta. They have shown an overwhelming amount of potential, and I’m excited to hear about what they’ll accomplish in the years to come,” said Expansion Consultant Greg Rush.

Early in the spring semester, the Ohio Alpha Colony will have the opportunity to participate in the campus’ formal deferred recruitment process. The colony plans to more than double its size during this period.

“These men are fired up and excited to start putting in the work needed to be successful and to show this campus how a fraternity should be exemplified. These men are well-educated and have plenty of previous leadership experience to be very functional. This fact gives me great confidence that they will be able to accomplish all of their goals that lie ahead of them. I’m excited to see what they can do and look forward to the day these men are initiated into our great organization,” said Expansion Consultant Austin Dean.

Congratulations to the men of the Ohio Alpha Colony!

Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami University on December 26, 1848, and the Ohio Alpha Chapter has initiated two thousand, eight hundred and sixty four men. Miami University is the second-oldest university in Ohio and the tenth oldest public university in the United States.


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