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Apply to Become a Peer Mentor at the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute


Through the generosity of Clay & Debbie Jones and their sponsorship of the Leadership & Ethics Academy, the General Council continues to support the Peer Mentor program for the 2020 Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute. The program focuses on enhancing leadership skills, group facilitation, problem solving, and provides specialized education to become more familiar with the best practices and initiatives of Phi Delta Theta.

Undergraduate Peer Mentors are paired with a faculty member and become an integral part of their respective Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute chapter. They guide their peers through the programing and have the opportunity to assist the lead faculty member in the facilitation of the chapter meeting curriculum. Each Peer Mentor also assists the GHQ staff in the execution of various aspects of the conference. This gives a Peer Mentor an opportunity to peak behind the curtain of Kleberg to see the amount of teamwork it takes to put on a conference of this scale.

Peer Mentors also participate in specialized educational sessions during the course of the Institute. This includes a wide range of discussions and presentations on vital topics to Phi Delta Theta and the entire interfraternal world. Ultimately, Peer Mentors return to their home chapters with a better appreciation for Phi Delta Theta and with new leadership insight to improve their chapters.

To qualify as a candidate for the Peer Mentor program, a brother must meet all of the following criteria:

  • He must have an anticipated graduation year of 2021 or 2022.
  • He must have previous chapter or campus leadership experience.
  • He must be able to attend the entirety of the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute. (July 30-August 2)
  • He should have a desire to give back to the Fraternity after graduation as a volunteer or, preferably, an interest in being employed as a Leadership Consultant after graduation.
  • He must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

Apply to Become A Peer Mentor

Deadline for application is Sunday, April 12, 2020 at midnight.

If the nominated brother is selected, his respective chapter is still expected to send three delegates to the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute for a total of four delegates at no additional charge.

Peer Mentor Testimonials

“Having the opportunity to be a Peer Mentor at Kleberg was one of the greatest experiences of my college career. Spending the week growing my leadership skills and being an influence for the next generation of Phi Delt leaders challenged me to be a better Phi, and I learned a lot about how to be a better chapter president for when I returned. Also, I had the opportunity to meet Phis from across the USA & Canada that I now am able to call close friends. I highly recommend any motivated leader to apply to be a Peer Mentor!”

Zack Koeller – Southeast Missouri State University

“Being a Peer Mentor at Kleberg was truly humbling. Humbling in the sense that Phi Delta Theta is an organization that is bigger than yourself, but at the same time allows you to grow to your fullest individual potential. You have the opportunity to expand your perspective to the true meaning of brotherhood, while also having purpose-filled discussions with the future leaders of the Fraternity so they can continue to make the experience better for future brothers. Being a Peer Mentor showed me that I have a true devotion to Phi Delta Theta and fraternity life as whole.”

Joshua Bolona – University of Central Florida

“As a Peer Mentor, it was a rewarding experience to help out other brothers from chapters across North America. Those few days in Oxford gave me the confidence and tools I needed to run for chapter president. Seeing what GHQ is doing behind the scenes enhances your appreciation for the Fraternity as a whole.”

Ryan Hartnett – Loyola Marymount University