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Phi Delta Theta Establishes Kentucky Kappa at Northern Kentucky University


Northern Kentucky University (NKU) is a growing metropolitan university of more than 14,000 students on a thriving suburban campus near Cincinnati. On March 4, 2020, it became home to the Kentucky Kappa Colony of Phi Delta Theta.

Expansion Consultants Jimmy Pietras and Cody Flynn arrived on campus in early January and spent eight weeks recruiting the men who would become the founders of Kentucky Kappa. Their hard work resulted in a group with the vision – The Kentucky Kappa Colony of Phi Delta Theta will embody a legacy of friendship, sound learning, and rectitude by cultivating a spirit of excellence in humility, dignity, and selflessness.

Kentucky Kappa has already set the bar high when it comes to academics with a 3.53 average, soaring above the all-IFC average of 2.94.

Though Phi Delta Theta is brand-new to NKU, there have been several connections between the two entities that created an environment conducive for success. Several staff and faculty at NKU are members of Phi Delta Theta and have been very supportive of the Fraternity coming to campus. These individuals are excited to offer support as the group moves towards installation as a chapter. Phi Delta Theta Chief Operating Officer Sean Wagner received his master’s degree from the institution and helped build meaningful relationships on campus along the way.

“I am very excited to see what this group accomplishes,” said Expansion Consultant Cody Flynn. “They are a group of very involved men including many key leaders on campus. They have great ambition, and I believe they will have a great impact both at NKU and within Phi Delta Theta.”

“Kentucky Kappa is set up for success through the quality of its members, the support from the community, the great alumni involved, and the hard work the members are ready to dedicate to become a chapter of Phi Delta Theta,” said Expansion Consultant Jimmy Pietras.

Colin Blouin, a founder of the Tennessee Eta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta at Middle Tennessee State University and Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life at NKU said, “The group has a genuine enthusiasm to integrate and immediately contribute to our fraternity and sorority community, and because of that enthusiasm, they are well positioned to build strong and lasting relationships. These relationships, along with a strong support system, will enable the group to make a positive impact as they grow this fantastic leadership development opportunity for the students of Northern Kentucky University.”

The Kentucky Kappa Chapter Advisory Board includes eight individuals from multiple Phi Delt chapters and a member of Kappa Delta. With this great support, the Fraternity looks forward to watching the continued success of Kentucky Kappa.