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Serve An ALS Family In Your Community Through LiveLikeLou’s Connect and Serve Program


The LiveLikeLou Foundation and its partners from Hope Loves Company work to match ALS families in the United States and Canada with individual volunteers from Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity for outdoor clean-up support.

The goal is to provide ALS families with dignity, support, and camaraderie during their ALS journey in a unique way that protects everyone from unnecessary exposure to illness or other risks.

Volunteers who serve ALS families through this program are only allowed to provide occasional outdoor support, such as yard or garage clean-up, minor outdoor repairs, or minor outdoor errands such as waste removal or other agreed-upon physical chores.

See the List of ALS Families

Is there an ALS family on our list that is in your community?

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NOTE: The most current federal, state and local guidelines for physical interaction, ventilation, and social distancing must be abided by at all times during the volunteer engagement, including limitations on the number of personnel gathered, sanitation, physical distance, mask, glove, and material handling rules.

ALS Families – We Would Love to Serve You – Register Today

3 thoughts on “Serve An ALS Family In Your Community Through LiveLikeLou’s Connect and Serve Program

  1. A Do u help widows? My husband passed away in November of 2017. I just moved it to a rental on my own with my 2 girls. Danielle is an RN working at a hospital and is crazy busy w Covid. I also have a 7 yr old. I would love it if there was some type of assistance w hanging Christmas lights. I have a garage fulll of memories and need to figure out how to get it organized to get Christmas stuff into house and out door.

    I love that you help families out w this disease. It is a very trying time livening w the disease or livening w someone having the disease.

    I miss my husband so much. One day I pray for a cure so no other liver one has to be taken away from their family.

    God bless!

  2. I would like my back deck painted in the spring. My husband suffers from ALS for 2 years now. He is unable to walk and talk. And is in an electric wheelchair . We are retired and its a large deck. I love that you do these acts of kindness for ALS families. May you be blessed and prosper exponentially because of your kindness. Ive so much to get done . My husband used to do all of the lawn work and maintenance. Its just hard now. But we both keep a good outlook on life as it us now. Hoping for a miracle in research and our lives.

  3. I’d love to help out in anyway I can. I can do yardwork etc….
    I live in New Castle, PA.

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