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Help Phi Delta Theta Connect 300+ Graduating Seniors Looking For Employment


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In the coming months, graduating seniors of Phi Delta Theta will be celebrating their accomplishments and the conclusion of their collegiate careers. While they are entering into one of the most robust alumni networks in the fraternal industry, graduating seniors are faced with many challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects it has had on the economy. For this reason, Phi Delta Theta recently offered its graduating seniors an opportunity to share their collegiate accomplishments and professional resumes. It is now our desire to share this information and connect these graduating seniors with alumni or friends of Phi Delt who can be of assistance.

Within this document, you will find a compilation of professional profiles of graduating seniors who have yet to secure employment following graduation. Each profile includes the following information:

Phi Delta Theta wants to do everything it can to support these young men. Whether you are a young or seasoned professional, assisting our graduating seniors offers an opportunity to transmit the Phi Delta Theta experience greater than it was transmitted to you.

How You Can Help:

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    Using the contact information in an individual’s profile, reach out to a graduating senior who has the desire to enter a career field that is familiar to you. Discuss best practices for a young professional entering the workforce.

  • Connect a graduating senior to someone within your network who has expereince within the industry or field he is hoping to enter.
  • Using the location information within an individual’s profile, welcome and connect graduating seniors to the network of young professionals in your city.
  • Inform a graduating senior of any career opportunities you are aware of within his desired industry or field.
  • Provide resume feedback to individuals who are hoping to enter your industry.

Phi Delta Theta is proud of the contribution its seniors have made to the Fraternity. We feel for them during this epidemic, but we are confident that our network will provide great assistance and hope.

See the List


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  1. Hello, I’m a Phi from Virginia Kappa at Radford University who just graduated with a business management degree. I have 6 years of experience with Chipotle, two of which being managerial positions, I serve as the Vice President of our colony, and I am a part of the Pi Sigma Epsilon Professional Business fraternity as well who served as the Risk Management chair. I do volunteer work for the ambassador team through Bassnectar as well.

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