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Phi Delta Theta Establishes Ontario Eta Emerging Chapter At Queen’s University


A Phi Delta Theta interest group was inducted as an emerging chapter on January 8, 2021 at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

The emergence of the Queen’s University interest group began during the fall 2019 semester when Garrett Johnston, the son of an Ontario Alpha alumnus, decided his campus was lacking the fraternal brotherhood he had heard so much about throughout his life. After gaining the support of other local alumni, the Phi Delta Theta Canadian Foundation, and the General Headquarters, Garrett and a few close friends set forth to begin recruiting additional members. They gained great momentum throughout the semester that carried over into the spring.

The interest group’s momentum came to an abrupt halt in March due to campus closures and COVID-19 restrictions. Through numerous shutdowns, the interest group held a variety of virtual meetings to continue to generate interest and recruit, cultivate brotherhood, and establish a base of operations.

“It’s pretty surreal that when we started this about a year ago it felt like just an idea, and now things are finally coming to fruition,” said Emerging Chapter President Garrett Johnston. “In spite of everything that’s gone on during the past year, the fact that we are here today is a true testament to the resiliency and dedication of our group.”

On January 8, the group was formally inducted as the Ontario Eta Emerging Chapter. With the safety of the members and guests in mind, the ceremony took place virtually through Zoom. Leading the ceremony was Province President Michael Gniewek, while members of Emerging Chapter Advisory Board, the Phi Delta Theta Canadian Foundation, and several Canadian chapters attended and helped welcome Ontario Eta to Phi Delta Theta.

Phi Delta Theta is extremely excited to officially welcome Ontario Eta as the twelfth active group in Canada!


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