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Phi Delta Theta To Creatively Celebrate Founders Day Season Throughout March


A Founders Day Like No Other

Founders Day season is here. As we reach the tail end of one of the most unique academic years in decades, we realize how important it is to adapt quickly in the present, while also remembering our historical resilience. Since 1848 reminds us to look back, remember that the Fraternity has weathered many struggles and crises, yet remains a strong and thriving society of men, based on the ageless Cardinal Principles of Friendship, Sound Learning, and Rectitude. It also reminds us that ‘this too shall pass,’ and what we are learning during these times will make us even stronger.

As we continue to stay safe, distance socially, and refrain from large gatherings, Phi Delta Theta is taking this opportunity to creatively celebrate Founders Day 2021. Of course, we know that our local chapters and alumni clubs are also adapting their own Founders Day celebrations, and we hope that you’ll support their plans.

March 15 is Founder Robert Morrison’s birthday. This date became Founders Day because the December 26, 1848 actual founding in Elliott Hall was too close to the holidays for practical annual celebration. Morrison is the original Bond No. 1. Therefore, his birthday is the annual Founders date of celebration.

As you can see below, we plan to utilize the entire month of March to celebrate Phi Delta Theta. In addition to what we have planned, there will be periodic calls to action for you individually to recall fond Phi Delta Theta memories, connect with brothers, support the Fraternity, or even join your chapter for a virtual meeting. And when you’re doing these things, be sure to share your pride for Phi Delta Theta on social media or with us at GHQ.

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  1. This is awesome. Going to a brother-owned restaurant on the 12th for sure and maybe “connect with a brother” too on the 10th!

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