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Phi Delta Theta Returns to Franklin College with Installation of Indiana Delta


On April 24, 2021, Phi Delta Theta welcomed the Indiana Delta Chapter at Franklin College back into the fold during its re-installation ceremony. Indiana Delta, originally founded on April 28, 1860, was the fourth chapter established in the state of Indiana and the thirteenth chapter of Phi Delta Theta. The chapter has initiated 1,639 men since its founding.

On April 19, 2021, the men of the Indiana Delta Emerging Chapter participated in a virtual initiation ceremony. General Council Treasurer Moe Stephens, Director of Chapter Support Todd Simmons, and Leadership Consultants Greg Rush and Jimmy Pietras conducted the installation ceremony a few days later. During that ceremony, Brother Stephens presented the chapter with their charter.

During the virtual presentation, Kappa South Province President Andrew McGuire spoke about the importance of building a strong foundation that would benefit many men for years to come. “I was so fortunate to join a values-based organization back in 2005 at the University of Southern Indiana. My priorities quickly changed from socializing and sports to strengthening my faith, academics, leadership skills, and desire to help others. The work that you men have accomplished to date is special, but it’s only the beginning. You’re now building a foundation for future Indiana Delta Phis.”

Next to speak was Indiana Delta’s Chapter Advisory Board Chairman Chris Pribush. He mentioned the importance of setting high goals for their future. “For our young brothers now, today is the day that you have a new immense responsibility. You’ve brought the charter back, and you have to work to keep it and make it even better than it was. Today should be a day of great celebration and enjoyment. As many have said here today, come tomorrow, it’s time to get back to work. We have a lot that we want to accomplish this next semester.”

Re-Founding Emerging Chapter President Brandon Eades is proud of the work done by the brothers and is excited to give back as an alumnus after graduating in May. “We’re so excited to officially be brothers of this historical Fraternity. We will continue to make a difference in one another’s lives, our community at Franklin College, and our communities back home. I’m so proud of the guys for sticking with this Fraternity and me. Proud to be a Phi.”

The Fraternity’s General Council Treasurer Moe Stephens spoke about the impact our brotherhood can have on its members and to lean on each other when things get difficult. “My new brothers, you are the future of Phi Delta Theta. You have a choice to make; you can either choose to succumb to the stereotype others wish to brand you with, or you can continue to learn, grow, and succeed. Each of you has the opportunity to do great things for your chapter and your campus. Your work ahead must be to build and strive for greatness. This effort will not be without trial as there are many challenges a college student in today’s world must face. These challenges are not meant to destroy you; rather, they are a test of your willingness to change. How will you rise up to meet it?”

Congratulations to Indiana Delta at Franklin College!


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  1. Welcome to the new Brothers of Indiana Delta. I pray they will enjoy the fruits of their labor snd be able to instill the spirit and pride of brotherhood in those who follow after. When the chapter returned previously the high caliber of men suffered after a few classes went through the house and the alumni failed to realize the situation until it was too late. With perseverance and a willingness to work together I believe this new group of Brothers have the ” Right Stuff” to make everyone proud that we are Phi Delta Theta Brothers!

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