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Phi Delta Theta Returns to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with Induction of the Nevada Beta Emerging Chapter


On May 1, 2021, the Nevada Beta Emerging Chapter of Phi Delta Theta participated in the induction ceremony to celebrate the return to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Though many students were not present on campus, Senior Expansion Consultant Nick Hartney was able to recruit twenty-six student leaders during the spring semester to lead the rebuilding of Nevada Beta.

The beginning of the expansion project generated great excitement and interest from students on campus. However, due to the limitations of human connection and social distancing mandates, it become a challenge to gain full commitments from many students. Because of this, Nick focused on utilizing his core group of initial founders to bolster his recruitment efforts. This allowed the group to tap into new pipelines on campus that had not previously drawn many students into the Greek community.

“Recruiting in the middle of a pandemic brought it’s own unique challenges, but we were creative in our efforts and ultimately built a solid group of guys.” said Nick Hartney. “I am beyond excited to see what these guys will accomplish. The way that they carry themselves and how they jumped right into the Greek experience at UNLV paints the picture of a bright future for these gentlemen.”

Prior to the induction ceremony, the emerging chapter participated in a few philanthropic competitions within UNLV’s Greek community. Through their participation, Nevada Beta was able to secure their first win and donation to their journey as philanthropists. The emerging chapter has already begun its planning to become an Iron Phi Chapter.

The Emerging Chapter is supported by six outstanding chapter advisory board members: Peter Dreissig (Chairman), Jim Geddes (Finance), Drew Johnson (Phikeia Education), Paul Moradkhan (Recruitment), Peter Goatz (Alumni Relations), and Michael Amesquita (Campus Mentor).

Congratulations to the men of Nevada Beta!