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Phi Delta Theta Announces the Dr. William F. Dean Endowed Chair in Editing and Alumni Relations


In his more than sixty years as a Phi, Dr. William F. Dean, Texas Tech ’61, has changed lives, touched hearts, counseled, educated, mentored, and directed so many young men. Since he graduated, he has served the Texas Epsilon Chapter in an advisory capacity. Last year, the chapter committed to commemorating The Scroll Editor position at General Headquarters in honor of Dr. Bill Dean by creating a micro-campaign. For the first time in Phi Delt history, Phi Delta Theta Headquarters will officially establish the Dr. William F. Dean Endowed Chair in editing and alumni relations.

For twenty years, from 1971 through 1991, Bill served as the editor of The Scroll of Phi Delta Theta. His work guaranteed that Phis across the country remained active and connected to our brotherhood, ensuring that the Fraternity grew to its current size and stature. The person who sits in this chair continues in that same tradition, aiding the brotherhood in what is happening amongst the entire Phi Delta Theta organization. The brothers and friends of Texas Epsilon honor the legacy of a Phi Delt great. More than three hundred donors gave over $400,000 to make this legacy possible.