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Phi Delta Theta Partners with Credly to Offer Digital Credentials for Pursuit of Greatness Membership Development Program


Introduced in early 2021, Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity’s Pursuit of Greatness membership development program offers a self-navigated personal development experience that combines online education, applied learning, and alumni mentorship opportunities. The Fraternity’s undergraduate members can develop vital interpersonal skills and career attributes desired by employers through the program.

Starting this fall, the Professional Greatness and Personal Greatness badges earned through the Pursuit of Greatness program will be credentialed by Credly, the world’s largest digital credential network that partners with such entities as Adobe, Oxford University, Procter & Gamble, Project Management Institute, and Hilton. Credly issues digital badges and supercharges online profiles and applications to ensure every person can achieve their full potential based on their verified skills.

Earning credentialed digital badges through the Pursuit of Greatness program will assist the Fraternity’s undergraduate members as they tell their Phi Delt story and explain how it’s relevant to the opportunities they seek. Digital credentials are changing the way the world recognizes learning. Every badge contains verifiable metadata that explains the learning objectives associated with each badge and why they matter. In addition, every badge can be shared on social media, embedded into an email signature, résumé, or website, or linked to for full visibility of one’s professional story.

“By earning Pursuit of Greatness badges, you’re showing the world that you’re interested in bettering yourself and bringing the best version of you to the world,” said Sean Wagner, Phi Delta Theta Executive Vice President and CEO. “Our partnership with Credly allows Phis to demonstrate this in an exclusive, easy, and trusted way. The Credly platform provides the opportunity to efficiently show what you learned, how you learned it, and why it’s important across multiple platforms and audiences.”

Individuals who have already earned the Professional Greatness or Personal Greatness badges through the Pursuit of Greatness program will be able to receive their certified badge from Credly.

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