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Phi Delta Theta Returns to the University of Tampa This Fall – How You Can Help


Phi Delta Theta will be on campus during the fall semester at the University of Tampa rebuilding the Florida Theta Chapter. We would love your help as our expansion team recruits the best leaders that the University of Tampa has to offer.

How you can help

If you know undergraduate men at the University of Tampa who would be great founders of Phi Delta Theta, we would love to obtain your referral(s). Upon submitting a referral, our team will reach out to the individual to schedule an in-person meeting and discuss the benefits of the opportunity.

Refer a Tampa Student

The Chapter Advisory Board

A great Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) is crucial to successful development of an emerging chapter. If you have interest in joining this advisory board and becoming a vital piece of the chapter’s development, please complete our volunteer interest form.

Our team will reach out to those interested to share more about our volunteer opportunities and connect you with those already in place. Our goal is to develop a diverse collection of volunteers: men/women, Phi Delts/non-Phi Delts, Phi Delts from multiple chapters, in-person/virtual, etc.

Interested in Volunteering?

Sponsor a Florida Theta New Member

Looking for an easy way to support the Fraternity’s return to the Univesity of Tampa? Phi Delta Theta now offers the opportunity to sponsor a new member from a chapter of choice. By making a contribution to sponsor a Florida Theta new member, you will help our recruitment efforts and the young men we recruit.

All transactions are non-tax deductible and are used to directly offset new member and initiation dues that are billed to the emerging chapter.

Sponsor a New Member

Are You an Interested Student?

Are you a student on campus who is interested in becoming a Founder of Phi Delta Theta? We love to chat with you about the unique opportunity to start a fraternity on campus alongside other leaders.

Show Your Interest

Follow the Project

Want to follow along with the project? General project updates and introductions to each founder can be seen on the Florida Theta Instagram account.

Meet the Project Lead – Matthew Theut

Matthew Theut graduated with a BA in law and a minor in Spanish from the University of Arizona. He joined the Arizona Alpha Chapter in the fall of 2018 and served as the chapter’s public relations chairman and scholarship chairman. He assisted potential new members during the 2019 fall recruitment as a recruitment counselor. Matthew spent two of his college summers working on a boat line on Mackinac Island.

His favorite memories of his undergrad were studying in Costa Rica during the summer of 2019 and serving as a legislative intern for Governor Doug Ducey during the 2020 session.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys playing basketball and tennis, working out, and being on the water. He follows college and NBA basketball and keeps up with U.S. politics. He hopes to go to law school and join his father’s law firm in Phoenix, Arizona.

Why did you decide to work for Phi Delta Theta?

I decided to work for Phi Delta Theta because I had such a great experience in this organization. The friendships and opportunities were an integral part of my college years, and I wish to spread that experience to college men around the country.