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How to Increase the Size of Your Initial New Member Class Before Phikeia Education Begins


Many chapters stop recruiting after bid day or at the end of formal rush and begin Phikeia education immediately. By doing this, the chapter misses out on a valuable opportunity to recruit additional young men into the class while teaching their newest members how to recruit. Especially if the chapter is disappointed with its initial recruitment results, this process can keep momentum going and lead to great success!

Follow the steps below over the course of a week to give your newest class the opportunity to further build their own class before Phikeia education begins.

Day 1 – Gather Referrals

Facilitate a mind jogger activity with your newest members to collect potential new member referrals from within their personal networks.

Days 2-5 – One-on-Ones

Challenge each of your Phikeias to reach out to two to three of the names they put on the names list and have them setup a time to chat one-on-one with those individuals. Your recruitment committee can assist here by joining in on these scheduled conversations.

Day 6 – Phikeia-Hosted Recruitment Event

Plan a Phikeia-hosted recruitment event or activity that allows them to gather their contacts together to see momentum building.

Day 7 – Second Bid Day

Present bids to those men who fit well with the current Phikeia class. Begin Phikeia education the next week.