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Regional Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institutes Update


The ongoing presence of COVID brings uncertainty as to what the next few months may bring. The feasibility of hosting an in-person event must consider the health, safety, and logistical challenges of all our members and volunteers. For this reason, the three regional Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institutes scheduled to happen in St. Louis, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC during the month of October will no longer occur.

Our priorities to educate members on recruitment, responsible leadership, and health and safety at our Regional Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institutes will now be moved to monthly regional webinars hosted by our chapter support coordinators, senior staff, and content experts. In addition to these scheduled webinars, all chapters and emerging chapters will continue to receive in-person and virtual support from the General Headquarters team.

We look forward to hosting our chapter presidents in St. Louis at the 2022 Presidents Leadership Conference, January 6-9 and the largest Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute to-date next summer, July 30-August 2.