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Phi Delta Theta Establishes Virginia Lambda Emerging Chapter at George Mason University


Phi Delta Theta has formally inducted the Virginia Lambda Emerging Chapter at George Mason University, the Commonwealth’s largest public research university. The induction was the culmination of Recruitment Specialist Robbie Nunes’ three months of recruitment efforts to find students that were looking to discover the greatest versions of themselves. In pursuing this goal, Nunes was able to recruit thirty men who are determined to establish themselves as strong and capable leaders looking to embody the ideals of Phi Delta Theta.

The strong foundation of this emerging chapter was started from scratch on campus, with founders being recruited while the George Mason University community readjusted to student life in a post-pandemic world. Despite this challenge, Nunes was able to find men who not only wanted to embrace the Cardinal Principles of Phi Delta Theta, but also to enact positive change within the Greek community at George Mason.

“Establishing an emerging chapter as the world navigated a return to normalcy was a tricky task,” said Nunes. “However, discovering strong men of character on Mason’s campus who are willing to create a foundation for Phi Delta Theta and be a positive agent of change made this task something that could not only be accomplished, but something that I believe will provide a positive future for the Mason community as a whole.”

The Virginia Lambda founders were supported by an extremely welcoming alumni community that was ready and willing to demonstrate to these young men how Phi Delta Theta could enrich their lives. Thanks to this strong alumni network, a recruitment process filled with persistence, and a great group of founders, the Virginia Lambda Emerging Chapter was officially inducted by Delta North Province President Austin A. Deray on November 21, 2021.

The men of the Virginia Lambda Emerging Chapter are eager to keep building. “It is time to put these words to action,” said Virginia Lambda President Braydon Beckwith in his remarks during the ceremony. “With the amount of talent, knowledge, and wisdom I see in this room, I am confident we are shaping phenomenal leaders now and for years to come.”

Phi Delta Theta congratulates the founders of Virginia Lambda and applauds them as they begin their journey toward their installation as a chapter.