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We Are Phi Delt: Indiana Epsilon


As part of our We Are Phi Delt campaign, we asked chapters to give us an insight into what it’s like to be a Phi on their college campus. We understand that no chapter experience is the same, and therefore we should share the unique aspects of our schools, cities, and brotherhood!

Chapters can complete this form for custom We Are Phi Delt logos and an opportunity to be featured online.

We Are Indiana Epsilon at Hanover College

University location: Hanover, Indiana

Number of undergraduates on campus: 1,200

Chapter size: 55

Year founded: 1868

Number of initiated members: 2,055

School mascot: Panther

School colors: Red, white, and blue

Number of Greek organizations on campus: Eight (four fraternities and four sororities)

Notable alumni:

Favorite school tradition: We walk around campus to significant landmarks to our chapter and we explain each landmark to our new members.

Favorite chapter traditions: We walk around campus to significant landmarks to our chapter and we explain each landmark to our pledges.

Favorite restaurant near campus: Shipley’s Tavern. They have the best burgers!

Fun facts about your school:

  • Phi Delta Theta is the largest fraternal organization at our school.
  • Hanover College is the only place where you can see three bends of the Ohio River.

Fun fact about your chapter: Our chapter was planned to be chartered in 1864 but was delayed until 1869 due to the Civil War.

Fun fact about the city where your school is located: Madison holds one of the largest boating regattas in the United States, which is ten minutes from the campus.

Top three things a visitor should do:

  1. Go on a hike on one of our three hiking trails.
  2. Check out the view of the river and see the three bends of the Ohio River.
  3. See one of the oldest telescopes in the US on display at the observatory building. Hanover College acquired the telescope in 1887 and is currently used for astronomical viewing of celestial objects by students in college.

Unique features of your chapter house: Our chapter house has a basketball court, a fire pit, and a pool table.

Follow Indiana Epsilon

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/phidelt_hanover/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhiDeltaThetaIndianaEpsilon

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PhiDeltaThetaIE

Website: hanover.phideltatheta.org