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Connecting Phi Delta Theta Graduating Seniors with the Fraternity’s Professional Network


The global pandemic has changed the job market in many ways. As a graduating senior, not only has the past two years presented many challenges, but you are entering into the professional world at a challenging time.

We want you to know that you are not alone. You will soon be joining a network of over 180,000 living Phi Delt alumni. From entry-level to executives, Phi Delt alumni span across many industries all over the world, and many are looking to fill open positions. They also understand how difficult it can be to enter into your professional career during this time.

In 2020, Phi Delta Theta released its first portfolio of graduating seniors seeking employment. By sharing the portfolio on social media platforms and with Phi Delt alumni and friends, graduating seniors expanded their network and were able to get connected with job opportunities.

Are you a Phi Delta Theta member who is graduating in 2022 and still seeking employment after college? To be featured in this year’s edition, please complete the following application by March 15, 2022. To complete the application in its entirety, you will need a LinkedIn profile and/or résumé. Phi Delta Theta will begin publishing and sharing the first iteration of this year’s portfolio soon after the application deadline.

Add Your Information to the Portfolio

Do You Have Job Opportunities That You’d Like To Share with Our Seniors?

Are you an alumnus or friend of Phi Delta Theta who owns, operates, or works at a company that has employment opportunities available for a graduating seniors? This year’s edition of the portfolio will feature employment opportunities for seniors to explore. Please complete this form for your opportunities to be featured.

Submit Employment Opportunities