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Introducing First Thursdays with the Phis, an Alumni Engagement Initiative


Phi Delta Theta is excited to introduce First Thursdays with the Phis, an alumni engagement initiative that works to gather Phis on the first Thursday evening of each month (beginning March 2022), in consistent locations, starting at the same time (6 p.m.), in an ever-growing list of cities across North America.

Whether you are new to your city, a long-time resident, seeking to build your network, or enjoy meeting other local Phis, Phi Delta Theta wants you to have a place in your city where you can enjoy brotherhood on the first Thursday evening of the month. The Phi Delt network is powerful, and we know that those who attend these informal gatherings will find great value in broadening their connections.

Phis have begun gathering on the first Thursday of the month in the cities below. Look for the tabletop Phi Delt flag when you arrive and check in to win one of our monthly incentives!

See the First Thursday Cities and Venues

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