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We Are Phi Delt: Nova Scotia Alpha


As part of our We Are Phi Delt campaign, we asked chapters to give us an insight into what it’s like to be a Phi on their college campus. We understand that no chapter experience is the same, and therefore we should share the unique aspects of our schools, cities, and brotherhood!

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We Are Nova Scotia Alpha at Dalhousie University

University location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Number of undergraduates on campus: 20,000

Chapter size: 28

Year founded: 1930

Number of initiated members: 1,112

School mascot: Dal Tiger

School colors: Black and gold

Number of Greek organizations on campus: Ten

Favorite school traditions: Homecoming

Favorite chapter traditions:

  • Winter Classic Ball Hockey Tournament
  • Brothers auction for ALS
  • Alumni Banquet

Favorite restaurant near campus: Freeman’s Little New York

Notable alumni:

  • Victor Oland, ’33, lieutenant governor of Nova Scotia
  • John Dickey, ’40, member of Canadian Parliament
  • Charles McColough, ’43, CEO Xerox Corporation
  • Joel Matheson, ’53, member of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia
  • Michael Kirby, ’61,  Canadian Senate

Fun fact about your school: We have the oldest running campus newspaper in North America

Fun fact about the city where your school is located:

  • The largest accidental, non-nuclear explosion occurred in Halifax in 1917
  • Sambro Island Lighthouse at the Halifax Harbour is the oldest functioning lighthouse in North America
  • A canon is shot off downtown every day at noon as a tribute to Halifax’s history as a major British military stronghold

Fun facts about your chapter:

  • When Canada entered WWII, the chapter shut down because every brother enlisted in the war
  • We are the only chapter in the Atlantic time zone, so we see the sunrise first
  • We were the first chapter to test the alcohol-free policy

Top three things a visitor should do:

  1. Visit Peggy’s Cove, which contains one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world
  2. Take a walk on the waterfront
  3. Check out Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, an old army base in the middle of the city that dates back to 1749

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