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Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Responds to Northeastern University Incident


Oxford, Ohio, May 3 – In December of 2021, Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity was informed of a hazing incident involving the Massachusetts Epsilon Chapter at Northeastern University. Once notified of the incident, an investigation occurred, and the chapter was placed on probation that includes sanctions, the restriction of activity, and educational programming. The investigation found that no one involved in the incident was injured.

Phi Delta Theta holds the safety of every member of the Fraternity, as well as the individuals of the campuses and communities they are a part of, in the highest regard. The Fraternity’s ritual does not involve inhumane acts that risk the comfort and the safety of its members. Phi Delta Theta does not tolerate any actions that directly contradict the values and policies of the Fraternity and holds strict rulings against members and chapters that violate Fraternity expectations and the law.


Founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, on December 26, 1848, Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity has 194 chapters and emerging chapters and 85 alumni clubs across the United States and Canada. To date, the Fraternity has initiated nearly 280,000 men into the society whose founding principles are Friendship, Sound Learning, and Rectitude. In 2000, Phi Delta Theta became the largest fraternity to implement an alcohol-free housing policy in all facilities. Guided today by its Phi Delt 2030 strategic plan, Phi Delta Theta’s vision is to be recognized as the premier fraternal leadership development society in North America.


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