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Phi Delta Theta Installs North Carolina Eta at Appalachian State University


General Headquarters staff, alumni volunteers, and current brothers welcomed the North Carolina Eta Chapter at Appalachian State University into The Bond of Phi Delta Theta on Saturday, April 23, 2022. The initiation of the chapter’s founders took place the night prior, on Friday, April 22, 2022.

Inducted on May 22, 2021, North Carolina Eta started as two interest groups that amassed a strong core group of members and joined together under the banner and values of Phi Delta Theta. From induction, they rapidly grew and became a strong emerging chapter of over fifty members, ready to lead on their campus and beyond it.

After installation, festivities included a goal-setting retreat where the chapter revisited their initial goals as an interest group, then as an emerging chapter. Further, the discussion allowed the group to evolve their goals as a chapter, ready to impact their campus and Phi Delt Theta positively. Later in the day, the chapter hosted an installation banquet, including the Founders ceremony, speeches by members, advisors, and GHQ staff, and a keynote provided by General Council Treasurer David Almacy.

Chapter President Jordan Tucker spoke of the group’s ambition, the value of brotherhood, and the impact of relationships on brothers throughout the chapter to galvanize the group. Next, Chapter Advisory Board Chairman Pat Rushton spoke of how the brothers motivated him to be a better volunteer and go above and beyond to support the group. Finally, Province President Bruno Baudet spoke of the potential the group had to set the tone for the province while also highlighting the willingness of others to support the group however they may need it.

In a moving keynote, David Almacy spoke of the lifetime commitment to the Fraternity, highlighting the willingness of Phi Delta Theta across North America to provide an assisting hand to a brother in need always. He also spoke of the group’s impression on him throughout the installation process and his high hopes to see the North Carolina Eta Chapter succeed at the highest level. Presented with their charter to a rousing round of applause, Phi Delta Theta is excited to see what is next for the group.

Congratulations to the North Carolina Eta Chapter at Appalachian State University!