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Nathan Williams – Georgia

Chief Counsel to Senator John Neely Kennedy

Road to Greatness

Nathan Williams, Georgia ’16, grew up on a farm in North Georgia and became a first-generation college graduate at the University of Georgia. After graduation, he lived in the United Kingdom for a year where he earned a master’s degree at the London School of Economics before attending law school at Georgetown University. Nathan has worked in the US Senate for nearly two years and now serves as chief counsel to Sen. John Neely Kennedy who is the ranking member on the Subcommittee for Federal Courts. He became one of the youngest chief counsels in history when he joined the US Senate Judiciary.

Every day is a new adventure for Nathan, but they all share a common theme: working to protect the individual rights of American citizens to the best of his ability by ensuring the justice system works for everyone. From planning hearings on topics like expanding the government’s antitrust enforcement tools and protecting small businesses from monopolistic competition to drafting prison reform legislation that better allows inmates to vindicate their constitutional rights in federal court, and reforming the federal bankruptcy code so asbestos victims receive fair compensation, the challenges he helps senators navigate impact people every day from coast-to-coast.

“The Phi Delt brotherhood has taught me so many things about what it means to be a man, a friend, and a leader. My Phi Delt experience, including the diverse friendships bonded and lessons learned along the way, helped get me to this point in life and will continue helping me do what ought to be done.”

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