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Phi Delta Theta’s ‘Famous Phi Bracket Challenge’ Brings a Fun and Free Online Challenge During Founders Day


As we continue our celebrations surrounding the Fraternity’s 175th anniversary, and in honor of our March 15 Founders Day, Phi Delta Theta has a fun new challenge coinciding with the NCAA March Madness tournament. Phi Delta Theta has many Famous Phis who have inspired us throughout the years, but we want to know who is the most beloved Famous Phi!

The Famous Phi Bracket Challenge allows you to make your selections for who you believe will emerge as the Fraternity’s most beloved Famous Phi. This fun competition will run throughout the NCAA March Madness tournament and will feature the ability for the crowd to vote for each match-up as the bracket progresses.

There is no charge to enter, everyone is welcome to participate, and we have great prizes for our winners!

How to participate:

  1. Visit the bracket to learn more about the Fraternity’s Famous Phis and make your picks! We have provided bios for each Famous Phi to learn more about your Brothers in the Bond.
  2. Submit your predictions here (click the Make Your Picks button to start) by March 15. The voting will begin on March 16, and no late submissions will be eligible.
  3. Follow along on Instagram and Twitter to vote during each round. You’ll also be able to case your votes on the bracket website itself.
  4. As the votes come in, a winner for each round will move on to the next. You can view how you rank amongst other participants on the bracket website.

Make Your Picks!


  1. Those who wish to participate must submit their rankings by 11:30 p.m. on March 15. Everyone is welcome to participate!
  2. Only one bracket can be submitted per person. Those using more than one email will be disqualified.
  3. Evidence of any public slander in regards to one of the Famous Phis or another participant will result in disqualification. Our intention is to celebrate all of our Famous Phis and recognize achievements made by members.
  4. Gambling is not allowed and has no place in this competition.

Voting Schedule:

First Round – March 16 – March 19

March 16

  • Benjamin Harrison v. Casey Donahew
  • Brian Niccol v. Brock Pemberton
  • Billy Payne v. Bud Grant
  • Wes Welker v. Gary Williams
  • Tom Harmon v. Dabney Coleman
  • Grantland Rice v. Gary Bender
  • Clark Hunt v. Eugene Field
  • Adam Reiss v. Adam Silver

March 17

  • Lou Gehrig v. Cam Erving
  • Mike Bidwill v. John Tyson
  • Don Meredith v. Mark Hurd
  • Drew Houston v. Hap Klopp
  • Detlef Scrempf v. Alex Seropian
  • Weeb Ewbank v. Jack Ham
  • Sam Simon v. Hank Ketcham
  • Eddie Goldman v. J. Williard Marriott

March 18

  • Neil Armstrong v. Gary Gait
  • Stephen Jones v. Bill Bixby
  • Willie Geist v. Josh Abbott
  • Tim Conway v. Matt Pittman
  • Trey Wingo v. George Eads
  • William Harrah v. Jim Otto
  • Ralph Wilson v. John Osborne
  • Jon McBride v. Frank Lloyd Wright

March 19

  • Burt Reynolds v. Tyler Farr
  • James McLamore v. Jeff Weiner
  • Bob Schieffer v. Donald Gibb
  • Doak Walker v. Harry Kalas
  • Dirk Benedict v. Story Musgrave
  • Robert Ebert v. Michael McDonald
  • William Allen White v. Tio Kleberg
  • Terry Baker v. Adlai Stevenson

Second Round – March 20 – March 22

  • March 20 – 6 match ups
  • March 21 – 5 match ups
  • March 22 – 5 match ups

Third Round – March 23 – March 26

  • March 23 – 2 match ups
  • March 24 – 2 match ups
  • March 25 – 2 match ups
  • March 26 – 2 match ups

Quarterfinals – March 27 – 31

  • March 27 – 1 match up
  • March 28 – 1 match up
  • March 29 – 1 match up
  • March 30 – 1 match up

Semifinals – April 1-2

  • April 1 – 1 match up
  • April 2 – 1 match up

Final – April 3


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One thought on “Phi Delta Theta’s ‘Famous Phi Bracket Challenge’ Brings a Fun and Free Online Challenge During Founders Day

  1. After reading the list of people in this challenge, I am humbled to be a Brother of these great people.