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Phi Delta Theta and Live Like Lou Name 24 Triple Crown Chapters, Over $952,000 Raised To Support ALS


In 2023, the Live Like Lou Foundation introduced the Triple Crown honor for Phi Delta Theta chapters. The award is named in honor of Brother Lou Gehrig, Columbia 1925. In Major League Baseball, the Triple Crown is a difficult feat to achieve, as a player must lead either the American League or National League in batting average, home runs, and RBIs. Only fourteen players have achieved this feat, including Lou Gehrig, who won the Triple Crown in 1934.

With the Triple Crown as their inspiration, Live Like Lou created a prestigious award that recognizes chapters that excel in supporting the Live Like Lou Foundation’s mission through meaningful engagement. To achieve this recognition, a chapter must complete the following:

  1. Register to serve an ALS family or serve at a Hope Loves Company camp for children in ALS families.
  2. Become an Iron Phi Chapter – Minimum of $10,000 raised through the chapter’s Iron Phi participants during the academic year.
  3. Generate awareness and support for Lou Gehrig’s disease by hosting a philanthropy event in your community and donating to the Live Like Lou Foundation

Live Like Lou awarded the inaugural Triple Crown distinction to twenty-four Phi Delta Theta chapters. Collectively, Phi Delta Theta chapters raised more than $952,000 for the Live Like Lou Foundation in 2022-23. The funds raised help to provide support for families affected by ALS, as well as to advance ALS research and increase awareness.


Congratulations to our Triple Crown Chapters

Alabama Beta, Auburn University

Arizona Alpha, University of Arizona

Colorado Alpha, University of Colorado Boulder

Colorado Gamma, Colorado State University

Georgia Alpha, University of Georgia

Georgia Gamma, Mercer University

Indiana Gamma, Butler University

Indiana Kappa, Ball State University

Kansas Delta, Wichita State University

Louisiana Alpha, Tulane University

Mississippi Alpha, Ole Miss

Missouri Zeta, Southeast Missouri State University

Nebraska Gamma, Creighton University

New Jersey Gamma, Seton Hall University

New Jersey Epsilon, Montclair State University

North Carolina Beta, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Ohio Epsilon, The University of Akron

Ohio Lambda, Kent State University

Pennsylvania Iota, Univesity of Pittsburgh

South Carolina Gamma, Clemson University

Texas Delta, Southern Methodist University

Texas Zeta, Texas Christian University

Utah Alpha, University of Utah

Washington Alpha, University of Washington


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