2020 Donor Impact

We went into 2020 knowing it would be a year like no other, and friends, we were right. Early on in the pandemic, our members, volunteers, staff, and I were saddened that the year would not go according to plan. For Phi Delta Theta, those blows came in slowly. First, we saw Founders Day celebrations start canceling across the country. Soon we sent our staff to work remotely for what we thought would be a month, and then as time went on, the blows hit harder and quicker as universities sent our members home from their campuses. Finally, we decided to delay our General Convention and our pinnacle summer event, the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute. As these realizations tested our members and our staff, we paused to remember these words: Since 1848.

For more than 170 years, this brotherhood has encountered wars, civil unrest, economic turmoil, and other pandemics. And since 1848, we have not only survived in the face of adversity, but we have thrived. The coronavirus pandemic has proven to be no different. We attribute our success to two things: (1) the resiliency of our student leaders, and (2) you.

I cannot begin to express the deep gratitude that I have for your support in my first year as president of the Foundation and executive vice president of the Fraternity. Your loyalty and friendship allowed us to not only persevere through this pandemic but to succeed and come out stronger. As I look back on the countless hours of Zoom calls with volunteers and chapters, the many reimagined educational programs, and the creative chapter planning that turned our in-person activities into a virtual brotherhood, I am humbled to know that it was all possible because of your generous donations to the Phi Delta Theta Foundation.

Please accept my most sincere thanks for supporting us this year.

Yours in the Bond,

Sean S. Wagner, President – Phi Delta Theta Foundation

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