2022 Donor Impact

Brothers and Friends,

I am humbled to be able to provide you with this report on the progress the Phi Delta Theta Foundation made in 2022. As we entered December, we were thrilled to announce that for the first time in the Foundation’s history, we awarded $1 million in educational grants and scholarships to advance the education of our members. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to write to you, a loyal donor of Phi Delta Theta, about the lives you’ve changed over the past year. Our team did a research project in anticipation of the 175th anniversary. In doing so, we learned that in the 1960s, the first Foundation Board had the hopes that someday, the Phi Delta Theta Foundation would be able to award two Phis a $1,000 scholarship annually. Twenty years after the Foundation Board established that goal and was flourishing, the Board successfully petitioned the IRS to be allowed to grant scholarships and use funds raised to grant monies for educational programming. At that time, the goal was to support the Fraternity for the Chapter Consultant Program.

Thanks to your commitment to transferring this Fraternity greater to those who may follow, we have accomplished these missions and multiplied them beyond what they believed imaginable. In 2022, we granted $593,000 in scholarships, and our educational programming has grown from simply supporting the Chapter Consultant program to $473,000 in support for the annual Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute, Shaffer Honors College of Leadership, Ihlenfeld Online University, McKenzie Family Presidents Leadership Conference, and many other programs!

As you read through the following pages, ensure to read the stories of our students and know that you are the reason our brothers are exceeding their potential, and improving their personal trajectories. You are truly changing lives.

Gratefully, Yours in the Bond,
Sean S. Wagner,
Phi Delta Theta Foundation

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