Strong working relationships

Phi Delta Theta Fraternity is committed to providing a positive fraternal experience for all of our members, campuses, and surrounding communities. To do so, we know that a positive working relationship with campus professionals is important. We take pride in the relationships that we develop with campus professionals in order to have honest two-way conversations about the state of Phi Delta Theta on campus.

Share your knowledge with our people

Did you know that Phi Delta Theta features campus professionals on its blog each semester, authoring posts about topics that are important to them? Visit the Phi Delt blog to see a few of our posts by campus professionals. If you’d like to contribute, send us an email at to get on our blog calendar.

Bring Phi Delt to campus

Over the last decade, Phi Delta Theta has seen one of its largest growth spurts in its history. The combination of great demand and a robust expansion staff has allowed the Fraternity to develop many great new chapters and rebuild closed chapters. The Fraternity’s expansion team is always looking to the future to build its expansion calendar, and if there is interest on your campus, we’d encourage you to send along a few pieces of information to our staff.

Chapter GPA & Size Updates

Each March 1 and October 1, Phi Delta Theta collects GPA and chapter size information from each of its campuses. Please complete the following form.